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HIT in the CLE is a collaborative comprised of industry professionals and educators who are passionate about working with students to achieve promising futures in Northeast Ohio’s IT industry.

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Career Path

Experience being well paid while improving the well being of others. Follow the paths listed below to learn more about the academic requirements needed to begin a career as a software developer or data scientist in IT.

Data Scientists

Data scientists are individuals skilled in the art of problem-solving. They review large data sets, draw conclusions and then report their findings. They have exceptional oral and visual communication skills and can get their message across to a broad audience.

Software Developers

Software developers are professionals who understand business challenges and can produce code that represents solutions for those challenges. They have a deep understanding of computer science concepts and are able to approach them with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow and diversify the local pipeline of highly skilled software developers and data scientists to support NEO’s vibrant IT industry.

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