High School Data Science Competition (March 2019)

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A Data Science competition is a contest in which a problem is placed before competitors based on a large data set (something fun that the students will be familiar with).  The intent of the competition is allow competitors, in our case, high school students, to ‘get their hands dirty’ by performing in depth analysis of the data in order to come up with the best recommendation to address the problem.  Data Science is a rapidly growing professional field in the Health IT industry as well as many other industries.

Click here to apply for consideration.

  • Teams are composed of five students
  • The contest takes place over two consecutive Saturdays (March 9th and 16th) from 9am – 3pm
  • Teams are assigned industry mentors
  • Breakfast and lunch are served
  • T-shirts and swag bags are given out
  • Prizes awarded to top three placing teams
  • A fun time is had by all!

Thank you!